Friday, February 19, 2010

I woke up yesterday feeling a little groggy, and I owe it all to the Nyquil I took the night before.
I didn't want to do much but I managed to pull myself out of bed, redo my curls [the most tedious part of my week] and run to Best Buy to purchase my new baby. ..My Canon PowerShot SD780 IS. [..I didn't need to give you all of that, but it sounds good lol].
I got it in a champagne color & when I say I am smitten, ..psh, I'm lying. I'm way more than that, just haven't found the perfect word. ;)

After Best Buy, I passed by a street vendor who was selling extremely cute accessories. Now, I told you guys how I've been feeling about rings lately so, leaving without this cutie below was sooo out of the
He wanted to charge me 15 bucks, but negotiation is what this business is about. I paid 10.
*shrug* ;)

(Nail Polish: China Glaze - Pink Voltage)


make it happen said...

oh how hot

Janelle said...

No actually, the info about the camera actually helps because now i know what camera to get! lol The shot came out amazingly clear I love it and the the ring also :D

aRRe said...

girl, yess! ...I died when I saw how clear the shot came out, you must buy it. && thankyou ;)