Friday, February 19, 2010

I did this post a while back on the blog that I had prior to this and thought it'd be a good idea to repost seeing as though I've been asked, on several occasions, for this very essential, easy and effective - parched lip remedy.

I can't speak for everyone but I know that often times I don't pay as much attention to my lips as I should.

Of course I apply moisturizer before going out - but they've gone weeks w.o. exfoliation.


Just as our skin needs daily exfoliation, primarily for the removal of dead skin cells - Do keep in mind that your lips need the same exact treatment. ..Especially seeing as though it is seen by EVERYONE that you come in contact with. [I always look at a person's lips - so the nerve of me for putting this off] lol.

How does one know when exfoliation is needed?

Well for one, your lip gloss won't last as long as it usually does. The dead skin - which will more than likely be dry is sucking up all of the moisture.

The Trick?!

Pour a little bit of sugar into your hand - Grab your tooth brush, wet it and coat the bristles w. sugar. Once you've done this, gently scrub both lips w. the sugar.

After you've used up all of the sugar, rinse your brush and then add toothpaste as if you were going to brush your teeth - of course instead of your teeth - you're going to brush your lips.


The dead skin will soften and tear and if you brush too hard the fresh layer underneath will tear and your lips will be sore. [speaking from experience]

Once you're done scrubbing - rinse and pat dry.

You will definitely notice and feel the difference.

Apply Gloss and Go! :-*


Anonymous said...

I've been soooo stuck trying to figure out why my lips were extra chapped and just ... icky feeling. It was NOT the bizness.

I had no idea you could exfoliate your lips. Now my gloss goes on soooo smooth like butta, baby.

Thank you SO much for this tip, you totally helped me revitalize my L's!! :D

aRRe said...
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aRRe said...

you're welcome hun!! anytime ;)