Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm sure many of you have seen this video already but if you're a late bird like I usually am, today's your lucky day. ...I've been a lover of Rih-Rih's style forever but I can't front, she killed me with her goth phase.
...It's good to see her bring out the colors and uh...dare I say it, PERSONALITY in this video.
Yea, she's danced, and did her lil acting scenes a time or two before but never has she ever delivered FUN&& FLIRTY. ..Thinking, Pon Di Replay? ..cute, but no.
Rihanna totally served in "Rude Boy" which was directed by Melina Matsoukas.
In this video, she gives us the island girl [wine included] that many of us have been dying to see.
....check it out.

..Well, one day I was sitting in the house with nothing to do and came across this Betsey Johnson top that I received as a birthday gift some years ago.
I saw it and instantly thought of the video.



Melina said...

I love this vid also, but I think the lyrics are a bit inappropriate for her younger fan base "come here rude boy can you get it you big enough"??? lol love her though!

ps cute curls and style btw! We need a couple fashion tutorials or secrets from you....dont be be stingy! lol

aRRe said...

yea, she was bit raunchy this time around, no doubt about that lol

..thank you!! ..I'll def. do some tutorials, I appreciate the one ever really gives me an idea of wat they want but I will be more than happy to share. ..You're sweet, thanks for reading -xo

Alyssa said...

Love ur pic Ti

aRRe said...

thanks sis ;)