Thursday, May 3, 2012

Writings on the wall: Rooftop Glows

Christened our lil roof thingy today
I was off from work, the weather's beautiful, and I'm always looking to do something fun & kooky, so...

Through that window is my grandmother's sewing room. my favorite part of the house.
It's where I go to write, drown in music, ...for pure silence. 
If I can't be found anywhere else, they know they'll find me there. 
It's been named "the cave". 

& now that I know that I won't fall to my death, that spot outside will see me and my laptop on many days. 

I forget sometime, that I'm not in New York. 
Sitting on your house, in bright prints and an afro is fairly common there. 
My VA neighbors seemed to not have been prepared for that. lol
The mail-man, however, loved it. 

Summer's procrastinating. 


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