Friday, May 4, 2012

Pieces & Things: Young, Vibrant & Wild

...& let us, of course, not forget Free - in flowas many of the best things are. 
That's how I would describe two of my favorite pieces from Wildflower, the latest collection of Brooklyn based designer, Mali Ro.

I always express how much I loooove pieces that are very easy {as far as wear, and pair-ability} yet also stylish. 
& I apologize if I sound like a broken record but when I find a designer who gets it, it's hard not to exclaim over and over again. There are a million, billion maxi skirts/dresses every where you go but clearly ONLY for girls who are 5'6 and under. 

The Wildflower MÚS Maxi Skirt is a tall girl's dream but falls beautifully on petite sizes as well.
It's light. It's long. & available in an assortment of hues. 
My fave, being the True Blue seen below.

& then there's the Wildflower EMRO Crop, which is easily a Fashion First Aid MUST.
It's a great separate that can be paired with anything. 
However, I think it looks exceptionally pretty and Grecian when combined with a like colored MÚS maxi. 
but I'm pro monochrome!!

Wildflower is Mali Ro's third collection. 
The skirts and tops are what's available now ..but I believe the fun has only just begun. 
To shop Wildflower or other MÚS looks, simply click the pic below.

Also: Mali's currently looking for Design and Marketing/PR Interns. {see more HERE.}

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