Friday, May 25, 2012

Writings on the wall: Moment of Clarity

{plastic has covered this couch for over 20 years lie}
My morning routine {outside of grooming} consists of prayer, finding an album to jam and TEA.
I'm usually a green tea gal but, sadly, I'm all out. 
I thought I'd have to submit to Lipton {the, bleh, black kind} this AM 
but to my surprise we had ginger Yogi Tea in the pantry ^.^ woop! 
{I'll take anything over black tea. It's way too bitter. & I'm not a sugar person.}
The ginger's actually really good though, and spicy. & I love how each tea bag comes with a quote. 
Today's bag said: 
to learn, read. to know, write. to master, teach.

I'm still in Virginia, retreating in my grandparent's Earthy abode, currently listening to American Gangster.
I've been here for about two months now and surprisingly it doesn't feel like Forever. 
I do miss my city though {like jones in my bones bad} but VA's been doing the damn thang as far as helping me to clear my mind. & I'm way more enthusiastic about creating, which is what I wanted most of all.

What's up for Memorial Weekend though??
Come out here! Lets hit the  B E A C H! :)

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