Monday, May 28, 2012

Writings on the wall: Drink to the beat of your own drum

I sat in a bar where the drinks were cheap and it's patrons, cheaper
Dubstep in Virginia isn't like it is at home. The beats here aren't as high off coke as they are back in NY. 
o_o or maybe it's the DJs who aren't as high, :-\ #unsolvedmysteries. It's disappointing.

Last night, I heard a faint cry of my name through the electric yell of Skrillex & Nero's "Promises". 
Is it possible for music to pick up on your energy? 
I felt as if it recognized my spirit
As if it knew that I was the fist-pump hungry, Brooklyn girl who was dying to flail her arms.
It recognized me. Maybe even knew me and wanted to hug me ..but that never happened. 
So I took a shot of Cuervo, downed a Long Island Iced Tea and ran into the ocean. Fully Clothed.
Looked at my cousin, & said convincly,  "I'm Not Crazy". 
then I drove home. wet. covered in sand.

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