Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dear Diary | My Shoe Story

I think I have a new fetish. ...Satin shoes.
They make me feel like the ULTIMATE girl. 
& I've always loved bows so these two are my new favorite things. 

The purple pair were purchased specifically for NYE. 
Usually I'm super indecisive when shoe shopping [or always lol] but I honestly didn't think twice when I saw them. I found my size and headed straight to the register. & everyone loves them.

The blush pair were a gift from a friend, which I didn't even expect. 
The heel isn't super high so I'm a little shocked at how fast I attached to them.
I like to be elevated. High heels make my -already long- legs even LONGER [very sexy].

Between the color and the lace, IDK which has my heart more. 
I wore them around the house yesterday and did NOT want to take them off. 
..Can't wait 'til they hit the pavement. 


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