Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into.

I guess you can call me a collector of online photography. ..lol, sounds fancy. 
Sourcing the net for photo art is the jest of what I do though. ..For my blog. 
& I'll have a picture saved on my comp for months upon months before I actually use it. 
Which is why, if it plucks at my heart strings I never pass it by. ...You just never know when it'll make sense. 

Like this one for instance. 
I think Bambi's a cool model. I adore her brows and her ability to effortlessly go from hard axx to soft.
She's like 2 people in one. ..A little like Freja but not quite. *rambling*

When I saved this pic I had no idea how or when I'd use it, I was simply attracted to the text. 
& for unmentionable reasons, today, this photo won a spot on The Erra of Arre. 

-with love. 

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