Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dropping Jewels

I was just sitting here thinking, randomly, of my wardrobe and investments.
& with doing so, I've noticed that I probably have about 2/3 accessory pieces that actually mean something to me and can be kept for years upon years w/o tarnishing. ..I want more of those.
I never really put much thought into my accessory & it's odd because everyone knows, it is the accessory that punctuates the outfit. I never expect or care to keep them forever so I usually look to H&M or something like The Cinderella Shop to supply the goods which aren't really "goods" at all.

There's a bin that I have at home and 2 hooks hanging from my wall with necklaces and rings and other little trinkets. I've made up my mind to dispose of them all. I'll probably bag it and save it for my cousin, maybe sell it for dirt and start all over.

Kelly Framel - Crystalline Coque Feather Earrings $175
No offense to Kelly, but I can live with getting something like this from H&M and places of that kind.
Which is what I usuallly do if ever I'm in the mood to razzle dazzle my ears [which is rare]. I'm more of a 'diamond studs my mom gave me' kinda girl. I wear them everyday.

So what I'm looking to gain is a very chic and timeless Mens watch, more than a few precious necklaces, bracelets and rings. I love rings. I want my jewelry to spark conversation. ..For my wrist alone to inspire your next outfit or purchase.

..that's just me ;)

To get a head start on my collection, I was thinking of treating myself to one of these for the Holidays.

or maybe this Michael Kors rose gold watch.
I really love the Fossil watch ..which do you think?

First Photo: Face Hunter

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