Monday, October 4, 2010

Dear Diary | Wet Weather Woes

It's a wet and gloomy day in NYC. 
It's Chilly. & super W I N D Y. 
I watched my Twitter timeline flood with complaints but none here. I sort of love it. 
It's been a minute since we've gotten a whiff of the city's brisk air. 
 I'm not totally looking forward to winter much, but this right here'll do.
I enjoyed pulling out my navy blue fall/winter swing coat. Collar flipped. Sleeves: 3/4. 
*currently hugging myself* ;)

Right now I'm sitting on my bed dressed in socks, capri leggings and a heather grey turtle neck. 
I had some businessy things to partake in earlier [explaining the turtle neck] and my top's too much of a hassle to take off so it's to follow me to sleep for a good hr. or two. 

Just wanted to stop by and say hello to my followers. 
Thanks for reading and please, share with your friends. The more the merrier. 
Also, when you get a chance ..check out Madonna's "Incredible". 
It randomly began blaring through my headphones one day as I was off to mag shop. MY. JAM.!!
tell me if you like.

p.s. These?! ...ugh.

1 comment:

Miss ED said...

I don't ever like cold, I am a tropical baby through and through :( I definitely tell friends to swing by ;)