Monday, August 16, 2010

RED-dy or NOT!

Ok, so this is my new thing. Something I've been playing with for some time now [in my head] that I'm bout ready to execute. ....I'd like to challenge myself to wear something red every day of the week. 
It doesn't have to be gargantuan, gaudy isn't my style. It can be anything from a red belt, red lip or red nails. A  ring or necklace with a red gem will even suffice or a sneaky red bra.There just has to be a glimmer of it somewhere. 

Why?? ..well one of my favorite colors is red. It's exciting and sexy. Most ppl's personalities are affected by color. Black is drab and can cause you to feel just that but red never disappoints. It'll be my little ball of fire. My look-at-me piece [specifically for days when I don't necessarily feel to exude that]. I think red is a silent whisperer - telling all those witnessing, that you are fun and lively. You see red and you think of passionate love or violence and warfare. It's that serious of a color and I want it with me at all times. 

Today's motto is Be Bold
I think it calls for bold nails ;)

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Miss ED said...

This is an interesting challenge, will you keep a photo diary of it? I like the idea of having a staple color for a pick-me-up, I usually just color my nails brightly to cheer myself up, but choosing a color so thoroughly is a pretty awesome idea...