Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lust List | Sneaker Shoes

I've been having fashion cravings for a good pair of sneaker shoes for the longest! 
I fell in love with my first pair about a year or two ago [maybe 3]. They were DKNY, all white & there was also a multi-colored pair. I'd pretty much wear them both. I was attracted to the make of the shoe more than anything. It's girly but super laid back. ...Perfect for those days when all you want to throw on is a sweat suit - which I have often but never really follow through with the fit arrangement due to my footwear options. I own 3 pair of sneakers - neon green Air Max 95s [workout only], black Chucks [everyday kick back], and a pair of platinum [Reebok doppelganger] Nike's [almost NEVER worn until yest.] ....(-_- These don't necessarily hit it for me. 
 Sweatsuit or not, I always want to be uber stylish & feminine. ..hence why I NEED a pair. 
These babies scream for attention - I'd play with them in an all grey/black suit [heather grey cotton, black - sort of wind breaker-ish]. 
[Buy them HERE]

::style example::

..what do you think? 

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Fashionista of the Future said...

Those tennis shoe wedge shoes are hot, where can those be purchased???