Monday, August 16, 2010

What Means The World To You?

A Day Gone Bad for me usually isn't the result of untameable hair, or missing my train when in a rush. I know how it feels to crave music and realize that you've left your iPOD at home on the dock/usb. ..But I wouldn't call it a major buzz kill. No one ever wants to have JUST $5 in their pocket. EVER. The thought is quite repulsive BUT I'll take that as long as I am able to express myself creatively. Not being able to do so is A Day Gone Bad, indeed. - my art means everything to me. [what means the world to you?]


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Miss ED said...

So glad to be back! I feel you, though my day is usually killed by my job, which is totally inevitable. I try to keep it positive, though, so a day where I have not even a little time to just zone everything out and be alone is pretty terrible. I guess I value my sanity ;)