Thursday, July 1, 2010

VA | My Home away from Home

So I'm really enjoying Virginia, if you can't tell ;)
I haven't done much since I've been here but that was actually the plan. ...Doing anything other than kicking back is a bonus. ...Today I hit the jackpot.

Me, Grandma and Nadi decided to go thrifting and BOY did I get lucky.
I died for summer to come but after scoring the disco piece that you see below [jacket] and another floor length number that I can't even begin to describe ...I'm fetching my stationary and calling upon the winds of Autumn.

I have exactly 9 more days until it's time for me to head back to the city that never sleeps.
Which is cool. I couldn't dare make ths my life. ...Coming here allowed me to think and plan what's next to come in the Erra of Arre [not speaking of the blog]. I yearn to do alot. & I'm in the process of doing most of it. ...But like any determined and highly ambitious individual - I want to do it all.

Once more, I'd just like to thank you guys for tagging along for the ride.


@MockTheMundane said...

YO ARRE! That Jacket Is KILLLLER! I Was Showing A Friend Of Mine Your Blog & When We Seen This Pic, Both Of Our Jaws Dropped! Then Turned To Each Other & Said "We Going To VA." Holy Moly, Mother Of Pearls. Great FUCKING Find. Lol, Okay I'm Done With My Rant.

Tierra/aRRe said...

lol, Thx TEE! I was sooo shocked when I found it. I never get this lucky in NY lol. & it was only 10 bux! ...If you guys ever come to Virginia Beach, hit up Vet Thrift Store


Anonymous said...

tierra, i live in norfolk! =)

i'm glad you're enjoying your stay! where did you go thrifting?!

Tierra/aRRe said...

We went to Disabled American Vet Thrift Store - you should check it out one day .... great stuff. & there's one right across the street from that one. I didn't go inside but I hear it's great as well.

Anonymous said...