Tuesday, July 6, 2010

VA | BeachxBum

FINALLY! ..I officially got ocean water wasted! 
I think it's been what?...2 years x_X
#Fact: It's been way too long! ...& I had the time of my life. 
I relaxed, mostly - played in the water a few times, got knocked down by waves ...and ran from a jelly fish. but for the most part ...I relaxed and attempted to tan lol. 

I hit the beach with my bestie Zakariya [or punkin, as we call her], Nadi and 2 other friends. 
It was the first time that Z and I got a chance to meet up since we hit VA, and seeing as though she had to head back to NY today -- we made the most of yesterday.

[she's flying a kite lol]

VA's being soo good to me ;)

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