Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Natural-Lee *UPDATE*

So, about my hair! ...It seems as if I've gotten rid of the relaxer [niiice] ...but I feel that I may need to do a drastic chop in the front of my head [bangs only]. ...The ends on those babies make me cringe. & I'm almost tired of dealing. ..But I can't cut it. Well I can, just not  at one time. That's Crazy 0_o

Can't deny the fact that it's growing though. I had a slamming fro-hawk [nice in both height and pouf] before the blow out that you see below. I'm probably about 3 months away from a Corinne Bailey Rae. Expect a party to commence as soon as the ultimate hang time reveals itself.

Also, I think I want to go Miley Cyrus brown [see last month's Teen Vogue]. I think that'd be cute w a few highlights. ...Just to give me some spunk. I bore easily, I think I told you guys, so it may be Back to Black a good 60 days after.

P.S. I went NO WHERE w. this chaotic mane. ..This is a special update for my followers. lol

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