Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Beyz Neez

Coachella came and went but the looks from the event are obviously still lingering. 
 I just love how everyone's fits are so carefree yet still stylish and chic. 

A few weeks ago I did a post about Solange and also posted pics of looks of hers that I found myself coveting. Today, BeyDay#3, I'm getting into the Queen, dressed down in her Coachella attire.

Rocking Wildfire Couture [tank] and denim dukes, Bey takes what was intended to be 'cool, calm and collective' and effortlessly exudes ...[hmm, long pause] lol...I've been looking for the right word to fill in that blank for about an hr now but she pretty much looks bomb! ...& makes whatever she wears look super glam with/without the glitz.

[sidebar: Holister and Ambercrombie carry the best dukes!! ..I need a few]

This look is my fave!
1. It gives me prissy cowgirl
2. It can easily be remade thru the likes of American Apparel 


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