Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Case of The Mondays

*Thought Bubble* ...Had I been able to snag those 10 dollar roundtrip tickets that Jet Blue were offering, I'd probably be in San Juan, West Palm or Vegas right now! ...Running rampid or boarding my plane to head back here.  - Either way, I'd have had a day of pure drunken hot girl fun!

At about 12pm, Monday, I ran into my mom's room and yelled "I'm going to California!". Prior to that I'd asked her if she wanted to go to Puerto Rico for the day and she literally lhao. I laughed too because I understood how ridiculous that must sound but I couldn't have been more serious. For her own personal reasons she couldn't go so I texted, bbm'd and called all who I knew would roll. Out of everyone that I contacted the only two I received yays from were Lathleen and Kerry, but that was enough for me. 

Seeing as though I clearly wasn't the only person who got word that a good time could be had for the price of nothing.99 - many of the flights were sold out. That didn't deter me though, I literally sat next to my computer from 12pm until about 7pm. & I actually made it through twice, selected my seats and pressed continue, ONLY for the site to be "experiencing technical difficulties at this time". - I died. 

The hype was so crazy in the beginning but at that point I had to gracefully bow out! Take the L! && watch Gossip Girl. =\

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