Friday, May 14, 2010

Introducing: Ask Arre!

The other day I received a really sweet bbm from one of my Twitter faves [@MsSlay] - telling me that she loved ErraofArre and also suggesting that I do an Ask Arre section for the blog. I'll basically be putting together looks, inspired by pieces or trends that my readers submit to me via email. These would be pieces that they're having trouble styling or trends that they like but are a little reluctant about trying. ...To lend a hand, with the help of my Looklet dolls, I'll style fits with their query in mind.

 I thought this was a great idea because not only is it a way for me to brush up on my skills, it also allows me to form some sort of a relationship with those who follow my blog. ;)

Seeing as though it was Lindsey who suggested this, my first project is in reference to a blue, silk blend, baby doll/empire waist dress that she's having trouble finding pieces for.

Here's My Look


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