Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'd rather die ENORMOUS than live dormant

As I was beginning this post, I thought to myself "I seem to mention Lateboots alot". & that's merely because, as a writer, you want to always mention your sources. That's something I try to stick to, especially if it's the first place I've seen the material.

I consider Lateboots to be ErraofArre's late, great cousin. I am inspired to pieces by Marquis and I love his energy. He's an avid shit talker but he gets shit done. & I admire that. 

Like myself, he's a Jay-Z beast! & if I knew him personally I'd hug him until his pocket square origami'd into a heart. ...specifically for putting me and the rest of you Lateboots followers on to this video - I knew nothing about it prior to my daily visit and [yea, I'm about to have a moment] it took no less than 5 seconds for me to start rambling on Twitter.


"NY-Z", a 15 min. documentary presented by ABSOLUT Vodka. - Directed by Danny Clinch

To some, this is the same old story - you've seen this, heard that. But for a Jay fan or anyone who simply respects this guy's craft and drive - Jay-Z news is always groundbreaking, no matter how many times its told. 
I was saying to my Twitter peeps that Empire State of Mind still gives me that extra umph. It's been played a billion times on the radio, a million times in your CD changer and a hundred times on both BET and MTV but does that change the message? 

When you're out that Brooklyn, with hopes of moving to Tribeca - Idk another song that can compliment the journey. I don't know another guy. I've been on a Jay-Z binge for years now. I was the young girl who sent fan mail right after I was taken there by a Nas fan. The project life and pissy hallways, I related to that. The missing father, I knew that too. Drugs existed in my upbringing - not in my household, but I've seen the workings of it. && Having a love for something and going hard for it, I'm familiar with that in more ways than one. 

Dude moves me!!

I don't speak about alot, but that doesn't mean it never occurred or isn't occurring. 
So her grind is visual, ok! clap for her!,  but don't respect a silent hustle any less. 

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