Friday, March 26, 2010

Return of the MAC[k]

The day before yesterday, as I was cleaning my room I found myself all sorts of aggravated because my makeup bag was a disgusting mess.

There's never anything fun about searching for the eyeliner that's allll the way at the bottom of the bag or mixed up in between lipsticks and cream blushes. Everything you see above shared one space [& not a very big one] until mommy gave me her makeup box which she does NOT use at all.

I feel like my face candy moved from public assistance housing to an all paid for mansion. I was tickled [relieved and very excited]. I like order. && I'm sure this box shaved a good 5 minutes off of the whole 'dollin' process., THANK YOU to the Gods of the Face Beaters and Mom for helping a sister out.

xoxo *bats lashes*


khaki said...

i hate my makeup being cluttered too and Im in working on getting mine in order.

Tierra "aRRe" Lee said...

Im such a procrastinator, If it weren't for this box being here - I'd probaby still be in a rut lol

It def. makes life easier