Thursday, March 25, 2010

Style Spotlight: Sweet Rush

Today I decided to start a Myspace page for ERRAofARRE and of course with that comes - fixing up the profile and adding friends [blah blah blah]. Well, while adding friends and sending out links to my blog, I came across this really cute sister duo [Siham and Iman Hashi] who go by the name Sweet Rush. 

Apparently, Siham and Iman have been out for some time now. They've appeared on Akon's "Troublemaker" which was released in 2008 so I have alot of catching up to do in re: to their career. 

As far as style goes, upon sight, I found myself really into their look which is beautifully embellished by their fun and cheeky personalities. [&& you'll see this in the videos below]

I usually see black tights torn to pieces but that orange tight gave me fevaaah! That's looking like a wardrobe must, for me at least. The entire look with the oversized tee and sleeveless denim jacket [vest lol] was great. <3

I can definitely see me singing this in my mirror.
"I'm sorry that I'm soo H O T && P O P U L A R! *insert giggles*"

..for more on Sweet Rush, click here

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