Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nailed It!

So I've officially found my color palette for spring/summer and I owe it all to Jane Schub. Library of Color Volume 4 is the latest collection from her STRANGEBEAUTIFUL line and I want all eight of them. Normally, I like to stick with bright colors, particularly Hot Pink, Neon Orange and White, I may dabble with muted tones just to try something different but I'm hardly ever wow'd.

These babies, however, definitely bring on the w.o.w. && surprisingly, I'm most excited about the nudes. I love the blue as well, more so, because I've yet to find one in that shade.

&& no, they aren't named. Strange, huh? [in a beautiful kind of way, ...I guess lol]

For 79 big ones, you can have all of them.
On March 18th check out Mxyplyzyk where they'll be available.

125 Greenwich Ave., nr. W. 13th St

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