Monday, March 1, 2010

"Push It Real Good"

Ok, this editorial is just too cute for words.
As much as I am a city slicker, I am also an urbanista - so yea, I practically jumped out of my bangles and invisible door knockers when I spotted this spread.

Idk about you guys but if I could "throw it in the bag" ...I'd claim Liya's 2 braids and Lily's mango colored platform kicks. [gimme Gimme GIMME!!]

Publication: Vmagazine
Photographer: Josh Olins
Stylist: Clare Richardson
Models: Lily Donaldson & Liya Kebede


Empress said...

loved this spread too, old school urban retro!


Boi Genius said...

Amazing editorial.
Liya looks the look with her in the hoodies.