Thursday, February 23, 2012

Writings on the wall: Born to be wild

Tierra Lee. 
Born again in '87. 
Wild & Free. 

As you can see, I bought a wig the other day. 
Though it seems random, it's actually been a thought of mine for a while. 
I think it started sometime last summer, when I wore a bob while modeling my co-workers collection.
At the time, I was sporting my turban and my mo-hawk was fiercely growing out so we didn't use the wig ..but the transformation was quite awakening. 

Not having hair makes it really easy to experiment with different looks and since I couldn't find anything that looked more natural than an afro ...that's what I went with. 
& I love it. 

I wore it out yesterday and I got soo much attention. It was crazy. 
I'm known for doing bold things to my hair ..and ppl would always come up to me with compliments when I had my mo-hawk but this was different. ..It was as if I was walking around with two heads. 
People wanted photos. People wanted to touch it. ...& the only thing I could do was laugh. 
It's not like I have length underneath & the fro was some type of add-on. I have NO HAIR. lmao

I kept thinking, "suppose I exchange numbers with a hot guy today ..because he loved my 'fro" 
& on our first date I wore my natural cut. ---COMEDY! He'd prob die!
 ...I know he would because if I were him, I would lol. 
(I'm still cute with my baldy but guys are so weird about hair lol).

Further along into my day, I met with my friend Nina to get some promo shots done for The Dressing Room ...a chic bar/boutique located in LES. 

..took this shot behind the scenes.

Lots of fun!

:: More photos will be posted on my Tumblr. ...check back soon for the link.


Anonymous said...

You are so pretty! love 'the hair' can I touch it...? puhlease x_x

tieяяΔ said...

lol ..thank you! ..umm sure :)

Ayanna Wu said...

you can rock any hairstyle! i love it! I'm not as daring lol

Ti Dickenson said...

Girlllllll love that hair, thought it was yours. Makes me want to get a wig. Aaowwwwwwwwwww !

tieяяΔ said...

lol thank you! both of you!! ...I feel so 'SuperWoman' with this thang