Thursday, January 12, 2012

Writings on the wall: I call this shxt the calm

My plan to go view an apartment after work didn't quite work out, seeing as the person who listed the ad was a total flake. G R E A T. ...But whatever. No worries. What's mine is mine
& that right there was not. 

Can't say my night was wasted though. 
The temperature's mild, and New York's as illustrious as it always is. 
..Which a good friend and myself took total advantage of. 

It's now 12am, and though I should be sleeping, I'm up listening to Sade [..My mother from another] as it rains, and my blue candle flickers. 
No Ordinary Love was the first song to play on her YouTube video reel. 
It's trippy how it instantly changes my mood. 
It's sort of mystical and it mellows me. 
Kind of like the first sip of a glass of wine .. I like red.
Whether I'm boiling over with excitement, Anger, or good ole indifference 
..that first sip simmers me. 

*Clap Off*


Addie said...

Love that song too!! Sade is a genius!!

Tierra Lee said...

:) ..thanks for commenting Addie xx