Monday, December 19, 2011

Writings on the wall: Lose Some, To Win Some

So we, ain't we
It's me, and her
'Cause what she prefers over me, is work
And that's, where we, differ
So I have to give her
Free, time, even if it hurts
So breathe, mami, it's deserved
You've been put on this earth to be
All you can be, like the reserves
And me? My time in the army, it's served
So I have to allow she, her, time to serve
The time's, now for her
In time, she'll mature
And maybe we, can be, we, again like we were
Finally, my time's too short to share
And to ask her now, it ain't fair
So yeah..

What I love most about Jay-Z's lyrics, is that I can listen to them over and over and they're still refreshing. 
There's always something to learn. Something that I've missed. ...or something that relates to something that I've learned outside of his lyrics that now gives me a new understanding of what I'm listening to. I can't say that I relate to everything that he speaks about but sooner or later ...I find myself nodding in agreement. 

We've* been put on this earth to be all we can be like the Reserves
& I have to allow you, your time to serve.

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