Thursday, November 17, 2011

Writings on the wall: Stars and Stripes

Geez Louise, NYC! ..could you get any colder?!

..I know, stupid question. We all know the answer is Yes and devastation has wasted no time settling in.
Right now I'm at work. Working, of course. You know, the way a good blogger should. ;)
& might I add, freezing my buns off whilst twisting in my seat to Pandora [Minnie Ripperton Radio].

Time obviously has somewhere to go today. I can't believe it's almost 3pm.
Which reminds me, I should be going to get something to eat.
I'm not really in the mood to step out though.
I find that I'm not in the mood for alot lately.  ..& I think I just saw Blake English walk pass my store. o.O
Good signs.. Good signs..

I wrote on Facebook about an hour ago that I live a very serendipitous life, which leaves me baffled with its weird cosmic like shenanigans almost every week. ...or maybe not every week but hell, often enough to feel like it. ...For instance, I happened to be perusing through a few style blogs and said to myself  whoever owns -blank- has to be getting PAID. ..There isn't one fashion blogger who doesn't live in their clothes. So my phone's buzzing now, and it's an email from a job recruitment agency with an open position for me with this exact company! ... <_< excuse me? lol that not bazaar?  -- or how about this? .As you go down and check out my other posts you'll come across one about Varsity Jackets. & then you'll see the  e-dolls that I styled. ..I've been styling them for over a year or 2 now. So imagine how taken aback I was when I found out that they were in fact real people and the very last one on that entry, ..a new friend of mine. Like, my homegirl. ..Like, I was just with her. o.O

At times I'm really weirded out by these things but for the most part, I just feel really watched over. Guided. I truly believe that everyone who happens to cross our path, does so for a reason. ..Which is why I said Good signs.. Good signs.. Blake English is doing her thing in the fashion industry. ..A world that I'm moving into. Hardworking, inspiring spirits? can never cross paths with enough of them. So if in fact that was her ...again, Good signs.. Good signs..

Before I left for work today, I was borderline stressed out. I'm working, feeling as if I need eight more jobs for the things that I have to tackle. But bcause I know the power of inward energy and it's effect on outer energy ...I try not to kill myself with worry. & to help make things better, a friend of mine sent me a text message that I sent to her a year ago which said "your pain has a period. [an ending] This too shall pass. Know that your pain also has a promise. [a rainbow] ..go through it and grow. with faith. & God will reward you in ways unknown".  She also added "Thank You Friend" ..You can't even imagine how that made me feel. She has absolutely no clue what's going on with me. ..But like I said before, I'm watched over. Guided.  & the email from that agency only further proves this.

& yea, I totally worked up a sweat here. Gonna go stuff my face now.

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