Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beauty: The Ultimate Cat-Eye Tutorial

Ok, ok Make-Up Mavens! This here, is the gem of all gems
Well... It is, for me at least! so I thought I'd share it with you guys.

How many of you are good at it? 
Almost all of you? ..*inserts sarcasm* ..Ok that's great! 
Me? ..Not so much. 
I couldn't draw a line on my top lid if my life depended on it.
It's always messy. Neeever even. Completely stresses me out .
But check it ..I have lashes that behave and a submissive bottom lid. [I can line the hell out of that!] 
 Can't have it all, right?
W R O N G!
You can.. :)
Just watch ..Jane Marie proves it.
With this Cat-Eye tutorial, there's no room for settling. 

It doesn't get any easier!
..Thank Me Later.


JC|♥ said...

OMG!!! I gave up on the cat-eye look awhile ago after numerous failed attempts, but after seeing this blog post && video..I have hope again!! Thank you!! I am so stoked right now, I am ready to start practicing!!..=]

Tierra Lee said...

lmao, girl you and I both! ...This is the best tutorial ever! seriously. I've seen plenty and still had no clue what to do.