Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pieces & Things: The Varsity Jacket

I've been dreaming of varsity jackets before the change in season even called for one. & though they're made more for men, than they are for women, I still want one bad. It's the perfect casual jacket for moderate weather. This isn't something that I'd want to be fitted, which then makes it transitional as it will allow for layering once the weather gets even more frigid. 
& if you really know how to work it, it can add a new level of chic to your wardrobe. 
When worn, it should be your statement piece. 

I have this weird obsession with menswear that I can't shake. But my clothing doesn't reflect that. ..Yet. I own the ever popular boyfriend jean. A few over-sized tees but ..they're so yesterday. I have way too many ideas for this jacket for it not to be in my closet by now. & since they're making female varsity jackets that look like stupid little cropped varsity sweaters ...I'll have to shop with the big boys. :) 

The jacket that you see above is by a brand called American College. I looove the crispness of this colorway. & the long sleeves. I can have this piece for yrs. It's a $315 investment but it's worth it. 
I'm sure I'll get a fair share of wears out of it. 
..what do you think??..

..Here's one way this trendy boy toy can go girly..

..and here's another..

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