Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Writings on the wall: You a Bad Girl & yo' friends BAD too!

I've been struggling with post ideas all day. & had it not been for Aly's text I'd probably still be in a rut.
What'd I get from it? ...well, for one, I know some really dope girls! :)
& lucky 'ole me actually gets to call them friends. 
I also spoke with Mali, and V, and Zak, some hrs. prior, and I love how inspired I am by them all. 
Their style, ambition, intelligence, etc. I often leave convos with them learning a little bit more about myself. ...or a little bit more about them. or a little bit more about something. & that's always great, right?

I haven't physically seen Mali, Aly, or Zak in idk how many months [I think it's been over a year, wow] but in some way I still feel very close to them. 

Just writing to let you guys know that you're appreciated. 
I see huge things for us in these years to come! & I hope that the relationships I have with each of you continue to prosper just as we continue to do so, individually. 
[love you too Akilah && Jadey! <3]

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