Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pieces & Things: Yuketen Boots

So, I told you guys about my new obsession with menswear, right?
Ok.. well every now and then you'll see me post a few things on here that I personally think would make a great item for the fellas closets. ...Starting with these moccasin style boots by Yuketen.

Yuketen is an American brand, known for their rugged and refined footwear and luggage.
It's designer, Yuki Matsuda, uses age-old aesthetics and techniques as a source of inspiration to produce moccasins and boots that are hand-sewn by indigenous craftsman in Canada [ give you that pure Americana feel]. :)

When I worked for Jean Shop [a denim and leather company] we carried moccs that were similar to this.
They last forever. The wear and tear of the leather is great.
...& It's almost like having a new pair of customized shoes once they're all scuffed and oiled.
They begin to tell a story.
Which is great for 400-600 bucks.
Not many people are walking around with talking shoes, y'kno. lol

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