Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Writings on the wall: Wild Fox & Rock N Roll

Why do I like WildFox? ..Because it's a very unconfined, unstructured brand.
& I'm always really inspired by the wild thangs of the world. I find them to mesh well with my spirit which is also very free and floaty. ..Being that I'm a hippie girl at heart & all.
 I respect brands that are styematized, mainly because I think it takes alot of work to stay true to a particular aesthetic time and time again, while also producing items that aren't dated. ..That's a skill.
But despite that, I always tread more toward the rebel.
Because they live up to their own expectations. & often exude a very intoxicating amount of unpredictability.
..Which, of course, is their way of keeping things fresh.

This F/W2011 video reminds me of all the times my friend has asked me "so, ..what do you want to listen to?" ..I can never find the words to explain exactly what I'm going for so I begin to move my arms in the air, as my head sways from side to side with my eyes closed and then I say..
"..something that makes me do this." lol.
..Sort of like the girls, starting at the 0:15 sec mark.
P.S  I A-DORE! their over-sized, belted sweaters.

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