Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pieces & Things: Live At The Palazzo!

While fit-modeling for Apropo during market week, a few months ago, I modeled a pair of turquoise palazzo pants and found myself not wanting to put on anything else for the remainder of the day. I would have never imagined them fitting the way that they did. They were amazing, in both look and feel. Beyond comfortable. 

Their super wide legs, when in dark colors, can create the illusion of a maxi skirt[which is cool]. & when in brighter hues, they sort of give you this, bigger than life, super hero look. 

Palazzo pants are also a great way to elongate your legs. ...If my legs were shorter, I'd probably opt for a pair with a high waist or simply go monochrome with a one tone ensemble. ..& aside from this, they're a beautiful way to color-block an outfit. ...Which is what I have in mind for myself once I get a pair. 


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