Thursday, November 10, 2011

Writings on the wall: I Was Just Thinking...

What if I got married in a bomb white bathing suit
with sun-kissed skin and a very dramatic white veil?
[I'm being serious]
My Groom.. He'd wear black swim trunks with white piping, super-stiff dress shirt cuffs
[sans the shirt, of course] & fancy cuff links. ...& a bow tie!

The wedding would take place in Tahiti. Smack dab in the Pacific Ocean.
The priest'll talk his talk, we'll read our vows, say "I Do" and kiss under a purple sky just as the sun's about to run off into the night.
It'd be perfect!

& as we're heading back to shore for the reception, our guests will form lines on both sides of us while holding  those sparkly firework thingy's.
[How bomb is that!?]


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