Thursday, September 8, 2011

Writings on the wall: FNO! [ the NO part right]

Tonight is Thee night! FNO! The biggest, baddest, best-est [if I may say that] way to kick off NYFW. 
It's the night of the Style Maven. The night of the Blogger. && it's here!! 
& where will I be? work x_x [did your heart drop for me?]
 These are the things that happen when you decide to do high-end retail. 
Everyone wants to participate! 

We'll be having a private event, which is cool, I guessss lol. 
There'll be a live band and booze ^.^
-____- but that still does not negate the fact that I will not get to see any of my favorite celebs as they traipse through the streets w|o a care. This doesn't happen often. [feel my pain]. 
& of course as a stylista, I want to see alllll of the creativity that you guys will put into your 'fits. 

Anyway, I'm just writing to say, if you hear the news about the girl who was found hanging by her turban..
well..., y'kno


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