Thursday, August 25, 2011

E|A News : Jay-Z @ Liv [Miami]

Are you not entertained!?
So Liv, one of Miami's IT nightclubs, was packed to the ceiling on this particular Sunday - and nothing less is to be expected when sir Hovi's in the building. ..However, everyone in Miami must have stupendous bank accounts seeing as, you couldn't get in without forking over $500. < sounds like rent money to me.
 ...& God forbid you wanted to reserve a table's $25000 sound.

But the footage is amazing. They appear to be having a BLAST!
& who wouldn't be when Jay's buying bottles for, what had to be, the entire city!?
$250,000 worth of Ace of Spades circulated the building and to show his appreciation for what better be, outstanding service - he leaves a 50k tip. o.O
..I'm over here looking for a PT bar-tending gig and he's in FL leaving 50k tips!?

I love it though!

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