Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This Journey...

There's only one road
leading to ..many directions
though, not always taking us to where we want to be we..
aimlessly on this journey - we'd like to think we have control over
yet it's only to a certain extent
faced with challenges we can't prevent
meant to make us stronger
only leaving us to feel bent 
we continue on this journey
though it leads to 
endless opportunities
can we afford to go the distance?
can we afford what it takes?
hardships wear us down
and a good day never seems to be enough to pretend 
our smiles are genuine
but what else is there?
there are no road signs
just gravel and debris
footprints that lead to places not meant for you to be

we walk this journey to live
we walk this journey to learn
we walk this journey to love 
to grow
because in the end...
what else is there?

there's only one road...

-Written By: Iba Oshun

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