Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dear Diary | Let's Catch Up.

I haven't really gotten a chance to talk to you guys much and I apologize. 
I've been dying to give you the skinny on my Saturday spent @ Fort Greene Park. 
It was amazing. 

Brooklyn has a bad reputation for being rowdy, ghetto and couthless and sometimes, yea, we get carried.
BUT we're all a little rough around the edges so finger pointing is highly unnecessary. 
Especially after what was displayed as I sat in the grass with thousands of people at The Fort Greene Fest - smack dab - in the "gangster" borough. It was LOVE. ..To the point where it was overwhelming. So strong that you might go home and feel comfortable enough to close you door without locking it. Sleep with your curtains opens. Say "Hello" southern style - to a passersby [because NY is home of the straight face - no welcome]. ...It felt like that on Saturday. 
There was food being sold, music being performed by the most soulful acts and then there was MOS DEF. 

My friends and I laid out on our blankets and ate up a storm. Fruits. Sandwiches. Banana Pudding. ..& of course there was Long Island Iced Tea, Tequila, Moscato. < Accessories to the fun. 

One of our buddies played his guitar and I swear I totally spaced out. The air was so perfect. Both warm and cool to the touch. ..& Barefoot, I danced in the grass to the sound of a woman's drum. I was more free in that moment than I've ever been. A modern day Hippie. 

 ..Looking forward to doing it again.

Well, I actually did, on Sunday. After work.
My intentions were to go to the pier by the Hudson but it was filled with people due to the Gay Pride Parade.
I went to Washington Sq. Park instead [blanket in tow]. Layed in the grass, read my book and listened to Jazz.

& Monday was only half different. ...Monday was special.
{Monday Night Special in Chelsea} ..Let's call it that.

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