Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dear Diary | Spit Game's Proper ...STILL ;)

"You were really my girlfriend at one point. ...You had long hair. Remember, I'd always say 'Tierra put your hair in a ponytail.' ..Now you have no sides. [haaa - this is me laughing.] You're a soho girl now. ...DO YOU EVEN LISTEN TO RAP ANYMORE?"

- The craziness.

I am NOT a Soho girl. I don't even know what that is. ...A city girl? Yea, I'll take that. & you should know that as I'm writing this, I'm listening to Fear of God. I grew up on rap. I grew up rapping. [go head. laugh.] ...I'm serious though lol. The 24 year old me would go back to the 5 year old me any day. That girl was so effin ballsy.  Full of surprises.

I lived in Pink Houses until I turned 10. & before I even reached that age, I'd make up raps with my dad about the nuttiest things. I had one about Barney that was sure to be a hood banger, the way he played it. One night my mom had me free-styling in the kitchen, by the fridge. I cursed and all, real smooth. Thought she missed it. She didn't. ...I had this 'cute' thing working for me though. ..So, you know. It was cool. ...& another time I was in the bathroom while Gin & Juice was playing ...singing the lyrics but remixing it. Really just the harmony. ..but I was dead serious. @ 5.

I've always been a writer of some sort. Loved poetry. So of course I had a few of those books. & I mean, how could I just recite them. I had to rap those too, right? ..sure did.

Junior High is when I discovered Jay-Z & abused the hell out of cassette tapes. I'd record all of his songs then rewind, and rewind, and rewind them until I was able to write down every last lyric. ....Then I'd rewind, and rewind, and rewind, them again - until I knew the songs word for word. [I let my tape rock, 'til my tape popped].

I'm into all things girly but a chick's got flow. ...I walked into Popeyes last night and dude asked me what kind of music I like ...Said he thought I'd say rock.  ...Yea, I might say rock. Rock's cool. ...But I need that bounce. [...might've said that in my coolest Jay voice.]


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