Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Life & Times of...

Went into work yesterday with little enthusiasm. ..Had to do something freeing, so I planned to meet a girlfriend of mine after - for drinks at a local bar. 

It was around 7:30 when I arrived. She was still on her way.
The Bar's atmosphere gives me Red Light District. There are cocktails on the menu with names like 
Indecent Proposal, Sweet Little Bitch and Pussy Galore (+).
I've tried all 3 and a few more. *salivating*
I secretly wish I could hire the music man to DJ for my life. 
He played everything. 

She arrives. 8ish.
We sip. we chat. & the night just feels too normal. 
We were in dire need of a dance floor, so after hitting up a diner and eating like savages, we headed to Juliet.
F U N. 
She left and I headed to LAVO. 
[a girl that I'd met once before, pulls me on the couch and lets me know that we don't stand on the dance floor], excuse me for being ill-informed.

That was my first night club hopping. I'm secretly too cool for that ish. cool and lazy
Once I'm there, I'm there. ..I simply hate dealing with bouncers. I never have trouble at the door but they're way too serious for me. I can't.

Took a cab from Midtown - & the sun beat me home. 
Goodbye April. 

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