Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How I'd Wear It | Look 7

My Style Inspiration

Feet First.

When shopping for fits or simply putting something together for day/night ...I'm curious to know where you begin.

With me, it depends. ..Usually on which part of my body I'm looking to highlight.
Sometimes I create 'fits based on a particular necklace [obviously a statement necklace]. ..Sometimes I'm all about a certain pair of shoes, so I form the look around that. etc.

The look that you see above was put together with Christian Louboutin's electric blue stilettos in mind.

Bracelets: stacked on both wrists.

As a finisher, miss lady [whoever she is] would have a slicked back, low ponytail with a very neat and tight chignon. ...Face: bronzed & dewey. ...sort of sunkissed. Mascara. Very little liner and a peach pout.

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