Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How I'd Wear It | Look 4

My Style Inspiration

This look was inspired by a pair of mens jeans that I recently purchased - which I ADORE.
Buying mens jeans seems to be the only way to truly accomplish the "Boyfriend" look.
I've had a few trials with men inspired jeans that had women cuts and honestly, it's a monster fail.
With the Boyfriend look, one isn't looking to accentuate her hips. I'm not. ..In this case they needn't exist.
The baggier the crotch and wider the leg, THE BETTER.

The pants that you see above are from G-Star and the slim belt is just to add a lil pop of color while holding them up [I don't do crack. ..crack is cheap]. ..Didn't want you to mistake that for a waist gem x_x [soo over that look].


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