Thursday, April 28, 2011

Designer Spotlight | VintageHanger

Being the trinket junkie that I am, you'll always find me going goo-goo over most things unique, colorful, sometimes classic, that always makes a statement - which I can throw on either my wrists or fingers.

Luckily for me there are loads of jewelry brands with outstanding aesthetics that I can choose from.

One brand that caught my eye, most recently, happens to be VintageHanger, which is based out of New York and was created based on the concept "one man's trash, is another man's treasure". ...I mean, not really [but more or less] lol.

I think it's a perfect description for the brand's Unisex Antique Button Bracelets which range from $20-$45 in price.

I have this one. I love it. It's like ..Friendship Bracelet COUTURE. ;)
[It also comes in Blue and Orange with either a silver or gold button]

[Leather Lace Bracelet - looks great on]

[Wax Coated Lace Bracelets: [brass nuts, right. - studs, left.] 
These are cool. Great for Guys. They aren't doing too much. ..yet they still make a statement. 
I really like the braided detail.

Bracelets of this style are always a win in my book [in case you're feeling generous ~.~]. 
They're great ad-ons. 
Perfect for a dress down day. Goes well with tees and button downs with rolled up sleeves. 

To Shop VintageHanger click here
or simply head down to King of Greene Street where you'll find these and more.

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