Monday, March 7, 2011

Dear Diary | Independent Style

As today seems to be another dreary day ..I've planned to dress accordingly. 
Usually  my choice of 'fit is less about the weather and more focused on how I feel. 

Today, I'm in a very laxed mood so I'm definitely going for - comfortable. waterproof. && of course chic.

..For my top half, as seen above, I've decided to wear this vintage scarf that I snagged while thrifting. 
[It resembles an American Flag with 1776 covering it. 
..#MondayFact: July 4, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed.]
 I wore it to bed last night , took a look in the mirror this AM and decided that I'd use it to form today's look. 
The rest of my 'fit consists of a pretty lengthy white tank, a Mens inspired blazer, black tights and black [leather] knee high boots. -- No earrings [avoiding the Boomquisha look], gold watch, stacked gold bracelets, and a ring. ..light ;)

&& as I finish typing this, the sun shines BRIGHT smh. 
Thumbs up for transitional pieces.
Mother Nature's confused. 
&& I'm OFF ;) - Have a Great One. 


Miya said...

Love your hair! I'm seriously considering some box braids... What kind of hair did you use?

Miya said...

...oh yeah and how many inches?...I'm totally jacking your hair do lol :)

Arre Lee said...

lol, I didn't even see this ...I went to a salon to get it done so I usually just use whatever the stylist has ..which I'm sure is nothing fancy. ..simply 100% kanekalon hair. ..Jumbo Pack.

As for the length. I specify VERY LONG.

..Show me the results!!