Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dear Diary | "A Train" of Thought

For more reasons than one, I had a great day today. 

First off, I was able to go get a hair cut, come back, change clothes super man fast, apply my make up, ride the train to my destination [MTA weekend schedule] and STILL make it on time. & if you know me, YOU KNOW. Getting dressed in a timely fashion isn't my strong suit lol. ..But I make it work. 

Thing's were going super smooth. 

& it only got better once I met this guy. 

Ever felt as if the person you were talking to was an angel of some sort? [I'm not crazy, I promise lol]
Lee gave me that. 
As I was standing at the train station, texting away, he approached, and showered me with compliments. 
Naturally, I blushed and giggled lol and began to laugh more and more seeing as though Lee's quite a comedian. 
I had no idea he knew how to play the piano as well - he approached me holding a guitar while promising to write me a song. ..I noticed a broken string and wondered how well it'd play - & after being tuned up, to my query, it answered .."Very Well".
Lee's a talented man and I can tell that he's super smart. 
I love how great his spirit is. 
It's freezing cold, and as I look at everyone walking by without a smile on their face..I'm forced to wonder "How could you not!?" ..I mean it's evident that this guy isn't in the best place financially. I really don't even know his situation, honestly, but he's happy. He's genuinely happy. & we find so many reasons not to be instead of smiling because of the one reason we actually do have to smile. 
No matter what the case may be, you're alive. & I know there are many spirits out there wishing they could take heed to the chance that you were given. ..& I'm going to take heed to that. 

Lee said that I seem as if I'm always in great spirits also. 
That isn't quite the case but I def try to be. 
& when I'm not, I hope that I am reminded of his bubbly personality.

I gave him my card and told him that I'd give him a shout on my blog since he delivered such a nice dose of inspiration.  ...Hope he enjoys this.


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