Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear Diary | My Fur-stration

*cue dramatics* 

Ok so, sometime last week I made my way to a really nifty vintage shop and came across a bomb rabbit fur coat. Checked the price and without a second thought, it was mine. 

I was too cool to jump up and down in the store but on the inside? Believe, I did every dance imaginable. 
I'd been longing for an animal to coat my back faux-eva! 
So I had some nerve snagging this lil baby, with mixed colored patchwork and a huge collar. 
some. nerve. -_-
 I was in fashion heaven for but a day.
& then it happened. 
How? I'll never be able to tell you. 
But a rip, a very nasty rip was found. 
[intermission] *sweeping up my heart*

What the heck do I do?
I thought to hot glue it back in place but I'm so afraid that I'll ruin it [as if it can get any worse] everytime I plug in the gun, I NEVER actually do anything. 



Anonymous said...

IDK if your dry cleaners have a tailor, but that would be your best bet, hope that eases your fur-stration ;)

Arre said...

Yes, I think that would be the best thing for me to do. I wanted to tackle it myself so that I wouldn't have to lug it anywhere and then wait for it to be done but wthey. I have nada to lose. ;)

thanks for commenting.