Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dear Diary | Black and Metallic

Party Party Party let's all get wasted!!
I was dancing to that song before I even found a dress. Even after looking, and losing all hope. 
I gave up, made other plans, BUT I knew that I'd be kicking myself silly if my night didn't go as it was originally mapped. Luckily, a dress just randomly fell into my lap. I'd bought my shoes days ago [which I looove] so the only thing left was to schedule Primp time. 

I woke up a little too early for my liking yesterday but things needed to be done. I hopped out of bed and headed to do what little bit of laundry I had left, went to get a haircut, came back, ate food, played with hair styles, decided on a braided pony tail, headed to Williamsburg, and finally when I made it back home I got my nails done. ...& then had to wash my hair. ...Pooped!? [pff! UNDERSTATEMENT]. 
I wanted a nap so bad but it wasn't happening. & notice, I only mentioned food once. 0.o

By 9:30/10pm I was all set to leave. 
I attended Duckie Brown's 'Black & Metallic' New Year's Eve Bash @ iLounge. 
It was dope. When I envisioned my night, I saw a bunch of stylish guys and gals - just out to have fun, celebrating a new beginning. A New Year. ..When I arrived, everyone hadn't made it just yet but I definitely saw my vision coming to life. ..By 1am, it was in effect. A blast was only seconds away from being had. 

I went alone, expecting to run into folks that I knew.
 When I got there, there wasn't a familiar face in the room but it didn't take long before I made a friend. 
I'm always tickled by that because I've never been super social [it's funny how things change]. 
That's one. & attending a party without company is another. I've never done it. I've always hated it. 
Last night really showed me what I was working with. 
Though I genuinely enjoy my friends' company, them being there is sort of like a crutch.
I'd beg my home girls to go out and if no one was rolling, I wouldn't roll either.  
But many things are dispensable. & that habit is one. 
I walked in, checked my coat, and relaxed. 
Like I said, the party hadn't really started yet when I arrived so I simply took a seat and prayed that I'd warm up quick. ..I didn't. However as soon as my glass of wine kicked in, my shiver's turned into shimmy's. ;)
& then my shimmy's turned into *glass in the air with lil swirls to the floor* lol.
At this point, I was definitely acting up
[see pic* was one of those nights. & within time, the familiar faces arrived ;) Which totally up'd the ante.]


p.s. my bday is in 21 days 0.o

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