Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pop That Coogi

Yesterday, during my attempt to find a sweater that will cater to both my mood and my body heat, I whipped out my trusty ole' Coogi 0_o. I paired it with knit black tights and combat boots so I sort of tripped when I saw this photo. I mean as far as I know, no one's wearing them these days. I had my sweater since High School and only pull it out when I'm feeling super 'so what!' and it seems that I'm not the only gal with this 'society would LOVE to dress me, but it can't' attitude. I do what I want. My closet isn't prejudice. & if it had a bumper sticker, it'd read "History will repeat itself" in a bold, obnoxious print [just because]. I enjoy taking old things and making them new again. My sweater actually belonged to my mom and I swiped it it's value goes beyond the price tag. [am I rambling???] 

Anyway, I've just been dying to put this photo [below] on my blog.
Pictured is Mink Ming and Scarlett Spade of
I loove Scarlett's sweater and how she put her look together. [!!]

That braid makes me want to scream! LOVE.

..& Here I am with my lil tangled knit.
[didn't wear this look last night]
 Did you notice how we're all wearing braids that are falling to the side ;)

-Stay Golden-

p.s. "Stay Golden's" my new thing. [see Step Brothers lol]

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